Sunday, November 13, 2016

London Day Trip

I visited London back on October 22 with some of my flatmates. We left Colchester around 7 in the morning. Because part of the rail was shut down we had to take a bus part of the way there, then the underground to London Liverpool Street. We didn’t officially reach London until around 9:30.

No one had any plans, besides me going to a Little Mix book signing at 11. So, after stopping at a coffee shop we headed to the Waterstones where the event was being held. The group then split off and left me in line.

Jesy Nelson from Little Mix
I was not anticipating standing outside in the cold for about 2 hours. By the time I got inside I felt like I was frozen. But I was just excited to see Little Mix in person because I never thought it would happen since they aren’t big in the US. When I did finally see them it was a surreal moment because I’ve only ever seen them through a screen, plus all four of them complimented my lipstick- which is ultimate goals. Sadly, we weren't allowed to take pictures with them since they were on a schedule.

Some storefronts in Camden Town
After the signing, I took the underground to Camden Town. I could spend a whole day in Camden Town at the Market. It is like a huge flea market with a mix of tourist shops, food, jewelry, etc. The storefronts on the main street had pop-out sculptures on them to go with the store. At one part of the Market there is a statue of Amy Winehouse that we had to go to because one my flatmates loves her. I definitely want to go back and look around more because there are a lot of interesting places.
My flatmates and me by the Amy Winehouse statue
View of the Big Ben from the station

From Camden Town we took the underground to Westminster to see Big Ben. As soon as we walked out of the station, it was staring us in the face. I didn’t know that it was right there so I was looking up directions how to get there when my one flatmate says, “Alyssa, it’s right there.” By Big Ben there was Westminster Abbey and the Embankment. Across the river we were able to see the London Eye.

Walking by St. James's Park
Instead of taking the Underground again, we walked to Buckingham Palace. It took about 15 minutes, but by that point we were all so cold and our legs were tired. But the scenery was a beautiful sight to take in. Trees lined the street and the leaves were changing colors. It was a picture perfect scene. It was the same at Buckingham Palace, with the sun setting in the background.
Heading down to the London Underground

Afterwards we headed to the Primark on Oxford Street, got some dinner, and started our journey back to Colchester. By the time we got on our last subway we were all tired and ready to go to bed.

I had fun exploring London with my flatmates. I want to go back and explore even more the London, and see a few more tourist sites. Having no plan and just winging it the entire time was stressful, but it also allowed us to take detours and not be on a schedule. I would love to relive that Saturday again.
Finally got a picture with a red telephone booth

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